Voluntary Termination (20.081)


The purpose of this policy is to identify steps to complete when staff voluntarily terminate employment at the University. 

Policy Statement 

Employees who are voluntarily terminating their employment at Brown University should submit a letter of resignation to their supervisor. Separating employees must work on their last day of employment and cannot select a holiday or Winter Break as the effective date for their resignation. Separating employees should complete an online Exit Interview Questionnaire and, if they so desire, may contact an HR Generalist for an employment exit interview.

Employees who are absent from work for three or more consecutive working days without notifying their immediate supervisors will be deemed to have voluntarily terminated employment. 


Separating employees: Employees who are voluntarily terminating their employment with Brown University are responsible for timely notification through a letter of resignation. Separating employees should also complete an online exit interview.

HR Generalist: HR Generalists are available to conduct an employment interview at the separating employees request. 


An employee's letter of resignation should include the reason for separation and the effective date.

Employees paid weekly or bi-weekly should provide a minimum of two weeks' notice prior to resignation. Those paid monthly should provide 30 days' notice. 

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Revision Date:  Tue, 2019-03-12 13:58