Weapons, Explosives and Firearms (20.087)


This policy is intended to identify those lethal and nonlethal instruments that are to be prohibited from University property. 

Policy Statement 

The possession, transfer, use and/or distribution of firearms, ammunition, explosives, or other weapons is prohibited on Brown University property including but not limited to buildings, parking lots, Brown-sponsored events and personal or Brown-owned vehicles. Possession of weapons, explosives or firearms is prohibited at all times while conducting Brown business. This prohibition on weapons, explosives and firearms extends even to those licensed to carry a firearm except on-duty Campus Police Officers carrying their employer-issued firearms in accordance with department policy.

Prohibited items include the following: Firearms (defined as any projectile-firing device), guns (all types), ammunition, fireworks of all kinds, incendiary devices, explosives, flare guns, air rifles (including paintball rifles), guns using BBs or pellets or darts, any slingshot device, knives designed or intended for harm to people (such as switchblades, shivs, daggers or shanks, bayonets or other martial arts devices and ceremonial swords) and tasers or other electric shock devices. This policy does not apply to the possession and/or use of disabling chemical sprays when used for self-defense.

Special circumstances under which weapons may be permitted on campus are governed by Department of Public Safety policy. Any staff member who has a question as to whether an item or substance is considered a weapon or other item in violation of this policy should ask for clarification from the Department of Public Safety at 401-863-4111.

Any weapon, explosive or firearm carried onto Brown-owned or leased premises in violation of this policy may be confiscated. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to such items in the workplace. Staff members' desks, workstations, offices, lockers, bags, briefcases, files, etc., may be subject to security searches.
Any employee violating this policy is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and may be prohibited from entering Brown property in the future. 


Brown employees: Employees and members of the Brown community are expected to report any concerns they have over Weapons, Explosive and Firearms in the workplace to Brown University Department of Public Safety at 401-863-4111. 


Any member of the Brown community who observes an individual in possession of weapons, explosives and firearms that are not connected to their employment as a law enforcement officer or guard must report this possession to the Department of Public Safety immediately.

Any member of the Brown community who observes unattended items they reasonably believe to be weapons, explosives and firearms must also immediately report to the Department of Public Safety the description and location of these items. 

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Vice President for Human Resources

University Human Resources
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Revision Date:  Tue, 2019-03-12 15:02