Workplace Safety (20.066)


The University is committed to maximizing workplace safety, providing instructions covering safe working procedures, and making available special equipment to protect employees against known hazards.

Policy Statement 

Employees are required to carry out all safety requirements applicable to their positions, to adopt safety as the guiding principle and first priority in their work, and to practice safety at all times in the workplace. This includes:

  • Using all safety equipment provided by the University;
  • Inspecting the safety equipment to be sure that it is in good working order. Employees are also required to assist the University in detecting and eliminating unsafe conditions or acts by immediately reporting them to their supervisors.

Employees in certain positions may be required to attend safety meetings or safety-training sessions as part of their job responsibilities and to demonstrate that they can perform certain job duties in a safe manner.

Employees who violate safety rules may be subject to discipline up to and including termination of employment. 


Brown employees: Brown employees are required to report all accidents or injuries that occur in the workplace to the Office of Insurance and Purchasing.

Departments: Departments that wish to offer minors an opportunity to work in a laboratory after school and/or during the summer must consult with University Human Resources and Environmental Health & Safety prior to making any commitments.

University Human Resources: Provide guidance to hiring manager when hiring a minor for employment. Ensure hiring manager understands laws and regulations regarding the employment of minors, as well as any limitations on terms of employment in the University setting.

Environmental Health and Safety: When notified that a minor is working in a lab, initiate a review of the lab and related working environment to provide guidance to the hiring manager on employment limitations that may apply to the work the minor is conducting. 

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Revision Date:  Wed, 2019-01-30 17:36