Jay Calhoun

Jay Calhoun

Interim Vice President for Finance and CFO

Andrew G. Campbell

Dean of the Graduate School

Russell Carey

Executive Vice President for Planning and Policy

Barbara Chernow

Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration

Cass Cliatt

Vice President for Communications

Shontay Delalue

Shontay Delalue

Interim Vice President for Academic Development, Diversity and Inclusion

Jack Elias

Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences

Eric Estes

Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services

Sergio Gonzalez

Sergio Gonzalez

Senior Vice President for Advancement

Larry Larson

Dean of Engineering

Beverly Ledbetter

Vice President and General Counsel

Maud Mandel

Maud Mandel

Dean of the College

Kevin McLaughlin

Dean of the Faculty

Ravi Pendse

Vice President for Computing and Information Services (CIS) and Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Jill Pipher

Jill Pipher

Vice President for Research

Kimberly Roskiewicz

Assistant to the President

Karen Sibley

Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Dean, SPS

Terrie Wetle

Dean, School of Public Health