Brown convenes multiple advisory boards and councils, which provide independent information, recommendations and support to the President and to the University. Representation on these groups often reflect expertise in the field or specialized or distinct experiences that contribute to the areas of focus of the advisory group.

President’s Leadership Council 
The President’s Leadership Council is an advisory group of alumni, parents, and friends of the University. This important leadership group meets on campus in the fall and spring semesters to discuss issues and challenges, as well as the future direction and activities of Brown University.

Brown University Community Council
The Brown University Community Council serves as a university-wide representative forum for discussion, debate, and advisory recommendations on a wide spectrum of issues and concerns. 

Advisory Committee on University Resources and Management
The Advisory Committee on University Resources Management (ACURM) is an advisory body to the President responsible for reviewing investments and expenditures of the University’s financial resources to ensure ethical and moral standards consistent with the University’s mission and values. ACURM is the successor to the Advisory Committee on Corporate Responsibility in Investment Policies (ACCRIP).

Staff Advisory Council
The Staff Advisory Council, a diverse group of University staff representing administrative offices and academic departments, facilitates active and direct communication between staff and senior administration and provides a forum for important issues.

Advisory Councils
Several councils that are advisory to the president are staffed by senior members of the Brown administration and meet routinely to address issues of interest and importance to Brown.

Public Education Committee
Established in 2020, the Public Education Committee is charged with recommending use of payouts from the Fund for the Education of the Children of Providence in ways that can most benefit Providence students.