White House action on DACA

Dear Students, Staff and Faculty,

Today, the Trump administration announced it will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status granted to an estimated 800,000 young people across this country, phasing out the program through March 5, 2018. With this decision, students and others with current DACA status will face deportation if Congress does not identify a legislative solution for them to remain in the country legally once their status expires.

Addressing the Protests in Charlottesville

Dear Members of the Brown Community,

I am writing to share my deep sadness and concern about the awful events that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, over this weekend. The protest on Friday night, when alt-right groups marched on the University of Virginia campus expressing racist and anti-Semitic sentiments, was appalling enough. The hate-filled demonstration the following day in the city of Charlottesville was even worse, resulting in violence and loss of life.

Paxson python, computer science students

Engaging with Students

With 6,100 undergraduates, 2,200 graduate students and 400 medical students, Brown’s size allows a strong sense of community, and frequent engagement with faculty, staff and administrators with students.

Paxson public health research

Passion for Research

An advocate for the power of research and scholarship to address 21st –century challenges, Christina Paxson is nationally recognized as a respected economist and public health expert. Her research focuses increasingly on the relationship of economic factors to health and welfare over the life course.

Paxson shovel South Street Landing

Commitment to the Community

Being a partner in the economic growth of Providence and Rhode Island is a priority for Brown. The University’s vision is to contribute to the development of a vibrant ecosystem of academics, commerce and innovation, building on more than $200 million in investment in the Jewelry District.

Advancing global partnerships

Brown is committed to building international collaboration and knowledge-sharing across disciplines as the best way to develop solutions to climate change, public health issues and other complex global challenges.