Members of the Brown Community:

I am writing to share news about an exceptional gift that will make Brown a leader in brain research. Trustee Robert J. Carney of Brown's Class of 1961 and Nancy D. Carney, both long-time supporters of Brown, have donated $100 million to Brown's brain science institute. In recognition of their tremendous philanthropy, we have renamed the Brown Institute for Brain Science the Robert J. and Nancy D. Carney Institute for Brain Science.

The Carney Institute for Brain Science will build upon years of impressive work by Brown faculty and students to establish greater understanding of the brain and devise treatments and technologies to address brain-related disease and injury. The institute will be one of the best-endowed brain science institutes in the country, allowing for the hiring of more top faculty, awards of seed funding for innovative research, and critical work on Alzheimer's Disease, ALS, psychiatric disorders, paralysis and other devastating conditions that affect the health and wellbeing of millions of people worldwide.

This gift will bring extraordinary new opportunities to advance knowledge and discovery and bring therapies to patients in need. I invite you to read more about our aspirations for the gift on the new Carney Institute for Brain Science website at or in Brown's news announcement, which you can find here:

Research and education focused on unlocking the complexity of the brain is one of the core academic priorities of Brown's Building on Distinction strategic plan. Brown is extraordinarily grateful to the Carneys for their generosity and all that their gift will make possible at the University and across the world.



Christina Paxson