Dear Members of the Brown Community,

In recent weeks, the United States has experienced a sharp increase in violence and intimidation aimed at Jewish people, organizations and synagogues in cities around the country, including Los Angeles and New York. This is causing anxiety and fear among Jews everywhere, including members of Brown’s Jewish community. 

Just as Brown has committed to confronting anti-Black racism, anti-Asian violence, Islamophobia, anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination, policies harming undocumented/DACA individuals and immigrants, and other forms of discrimination and hate, we also condemn acts of violence and bias against the Jewish community. Through our ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts, Brown continues its work to cultivate educators and learners who value the experiences and perspectives of people of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, abilities and other identities, and who treat each other with compassion and respect. 

A wide range of resources and support options are available to any member of our community, even those who are not on campus this summer, and I am sharing these below.


Christina H. Paxson




Brown Center for Students of Color:


Brown RISD Hillel:


Counseling and Psychological Services:


Global Brown Center for International Students:


Student Support Services:




Brown University Ombudsperson:


Faculty/Staff Assistance Program:




Office of the Chaplains:


Incident Reporting:


Reporting a Crime: