Dear President Trump,

Generations of immigrants who have made America what it is today arrived here full of hope for what they could accomplish in a land of opportunity. They knew that it would take hard work, perseverance, grit and determination to succeed. Their hard work bound them to this nation that would be come their home; their families became Americans.

These hard-working people built the businesses, civic organizations, schools and communities that thrive and flourish today, and this country was made better and stronger for their contributions. This is no less true for the individuals who have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status that grants them the right to work and be educated in this country.

I am writing you with great earnestness and urgency to ask that you preserve DACA while seeking a permanent solution with Congress that provides these individuals with an expedited path to lawful permanent citizenship. Please allow the roughly 800,000 people registered under the program to continue contributing in many ways to our nation.

As a president of an institution of higher education, I have seen first-hand the exceptional talent and resilience of DACA students, many of whom exhibit leadership and fortitude borne from the circumstances that brought them to this country. These students bring the perspectives, experiences and exceptional understanding of geopolitical issues that is needed for the next generation of innovators, economists, artists, engineers and civic leaders.

The availability of a legal status through DACA has made it possible for individuals who have come to the United States as children with no choice for the place they would call home to contribute openly to our communities and the nation’s economy.

I ask that you preserve and defend DACA and continue the investment America has made in these new Americans.



Christina Paxson