Date Title
Watson Institute Expansion
2017 Convocation Remarks: "The Power of Knowledge"
2017 Commencement College Ceremony Remarks: "Live Courageously"
2017 AAAS Annual Meeting: "Welcome Remarks for the President’s Address"
Family Weekend Welcome: "The Brown Difference"
Nobel in Physics awarded to Michael Kosterlitz
This Week's NLRB Ruling
Letter to campus community: Key priorities for 2016-17
Brown Alumni Magazine: “Taking Brown With Them”
February 2016 Corporation Meeting: DIAP, Financial Aid, FY17 Budget, Tuition and Fees
Final Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan
Brown Alumni Magazine: “Engineering Humanities”
Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion: Working Draft
Promoting a Diverse, Inclusive Academic Community
Brown Alumni Magazine: “Brown Together”
BrownTogether Campaign Kickoff for Faculty & Staff
October 2015 Corporation Meeting: BrownTogether Campaign, Campus Initiatives
Launching BrownTogether
Appointment: Edward S. Steinfeld, Watson Institute Director
Family Weekend Keynote: “Open Curriculum/Open Doors”
Operational Plan for September 21st Open Forum
2015 Convocation Remarks: "On Inequality"
Brown Alumni Magazine: “A Commitment to Teaching”
Initiatives for the 2015-2016 school year
Brown Alumni Magazine: “Our Forward Momentum"
250th Anniversary Celebration: Closing Remarks
2015 Commencement College Ceremony Remarks: "On the Good Life and Making Choices"
May 2015 Corporation Meeting: Strategic Planning, Elections, Endowed Positions
Brown Alumni Magazine: “A New ROTC Expansion"
Professor David Kertzer awarded Pulitzer Prize
February 2015 Corporation Meeting: Academic Planning, Commitment to Financial Aid
Brown Alumni Magazine: “Beyond the Classroom"
Brown Alumni Magazine: “A Sporting Education"
October 2014 Corporation Meeting: Campaign and Strategic Planning, Sustainable Financial Model
2014 Convocation Remarks: "Brown’s 250th Anniversary"
Brown Alumni Magazine: “Toward a Better Environment"
Annual Reading of Washington Letter at Touro Synagogue: "Keynote Address: Liberty and Inclusion"
Annual update to alumni and current parents
Brown Alumni Magazine: “Brown and Tougaloo"
2014 Commencement Remarks: Brown’s 250th Anniversary (video)
May 2014 Corporation Meeting: Strategic Plan, Sexual Assault, Trustee Elections
Brown Alumni Magazine: “Supporting Grad Students"
Brown Alumni Magazine: “Expanding Opportunities"
2013 President's Report (PDF)
Brown Alumni Magazine: “Building on Strengths"
October 2013 Corporation Meeting: Building on Distinction, New Members
Letter to Brown Alumni and Friends Re. Corporation: Building on Distinction approved, Divest Coal Decision
2013 Convocation Remarks: “A Lively Experiment”
First-Year of Presidency Report
2013 Commencement Remarks (video)
$44 million gift to support the growth and expansion of the School of Engineering
National Humanities Alliance Annual Meeting Keynote: “The Case for the Humanities”
February 2013 Corporation Meeting: School of Public Health, Strategic Planning, FY14 Budget & Planning
Appointment: Richard M. Locke, Howard R. Swearer Director of the Thomas J. Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown
Inauguration Address: “The Value of Imagination”
Welcome Letter to the Brown Community
2012 Convocation Remarks: "On Constructive Irreverence"
Welcoming Remarks to the Class of 2016
Higgs boson Particle Discovery: Noting Brown Faculty Achievements
First Letter to the Community as Brown’s Nineteenth President