Draft Recommendations and Executive Summary

The Ad Hoc Committee on Promoting Financial Health and Sustainability has prepared a draft set of proposed recommendations on ways to slow Brown’s spending growth and diversify sources of revenue supporting the University’s research, teaching and operations.

The Ad Hoc Committee is now is now seeking feedback from the Brown community. Please use the following links to access the executive summary and full set of recommendations, and use the link to the form below to share feedback.

Draft Executive Summary (PDF)
Draft Recommendations for Promoting Financial Health and Sustainability (PDF)

Feedback Form: Offer Comments, Ideas & Feedback by June 18, 2021

Please use this feedback form to share your comments and insights regarding the recommendations. You can do so anonymously. We welcome your ideas for creative and innovative changes to Brown’s programs and operations that can increase efficiencies and increase available funding for the education, research and operations. 

Comments are due by Friday, June 18, 2021.

Form to Gather Input on Initial Recommendations

About the Committee

Ad Hoc Committee Charge

President Christina H. Paxson created the Ad Hoc Committee and charged it with developing recommendations to promote the long-term financial health and sustainability of the University, with the specific goal of eliminating the structural deficit and identifying ways to enhance our ability to make strategic investments. The committee's two-pronged charge is:
(1) to explore options for Brown to leverage our assets in technology, teaching and research to generate additional revenue; and
(2) develop strategies for slowing the growth of our expenses through the adoption of new operational practices.

See letter from President Paxson establishing the Ad Hoc Committee

Ad Hoc Committee Membership

Provost Richard M. Locke, Chair

Anna Aizer, Professor and Chair of Economics
Amanda Anderson, Director, Cogut Institute for the Humanities; Andrew W. Mellon Professor of English and Humanities
Ugur Cetintemel, Professor and Chair of Computer Science
Diane Lipscombe, Director, Carney Institute; Thomas J. Watson, Sr. Professor of Science; Professor of Neuroscience
Ira Wilson, Professor and Chair of Health Services, Policy and Practice; Professor of Medicine

Akilesh Raman, Undergraduate
Jordan Kei-Rahn, Undergraduate
Alastair Tulloch, Graduate Student
Ella Kirsh, Graduate Student

Staff Members
Amber Jackson, Manager, Athletics Travel
Matthew Salvatore, Director of Data Analytics and Strategic Marketing

Barbara Chernow, EVP for Finance and Administration
Tim Fater, Assistant Vice President for Financial Strategy & Planning
Adrienne Marcus, Dean for Pre-College and Summer Undergraduate Program
Shankar Prasad, Deputy Provost and Vice President for Academic Innovation
William Thirsk, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Officer
Leah Vanwey, Dean of the School for Professional Studies
Neil Veloso, Executive Director of Brown Technology Innovations
Michael White, Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Staffed by: Marisa Quinn, Chief of Staff to the Provost