Provost Visiting Professors must:

  • Be senior scholars (associate professor and above, or equivalent) who have made distinctive contributions to their fields

  • Enjoy building intellectual and collegial bridges across multiple departments/areas

  • Have (or be interested in and capable of building) a broad public intellectual footprint

  • Be members of Historically Underrepresented Groups (HUG) as defined by the Brown Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

  • Be interested in being part of the Brown HUG faculty community and in mentoring more junior HUG colleagues and students

The nomination and selection process is two-tiered.  First, a formal nomination must be submitted to the PVPP Committee via the web-based Nomination Form.  The annual deadline to submit nominations is October 1st.  The formal nomination must include:

  1. The nominator’s name, affiliation and contact information

  2. A nomination letter that explains in detail how the nominee’s visit will fulfill the program aims, as outlined above

  3. A full CV for the nominee

  4. The names and contact information of (preferably two or more) tenured faculty in Brown academic units where the nominee could be hosted

Nominators are also encouraged to engage faculty in multiple target Brown academic units to enlist the type of support that ensures broad community impact and connectivity.  

This initial nomination will be considered by the PVPP Committee and input solicited from the proposed host unit(s) and other relevant faculty members to determine whether the nomination will proceed. Nominators will be informed of the Committee’s decision on or before December 1st. 

For nominations that proceed, the second part of the process requires nominees to submit an application which must include:

  1. A narrative explaining how their potential visit would further the aims of the Provost’s Visiting Professor Program

  2. The academic unit host(s) for the visit

  3. The specific duties to be undertaken during the visit including plans for and mechanisms of HUG student/faculty engagement and mentorship

  4. The desired duration and time frame for the visit

  5. The type of visit  (academic sabbatical/non-sabbatical leave)

The PVPP Committee will consider the nominees’ applications and decide which applications can potentially be approved for support.  The PVPP Chair and the hosting unit will then begin discussions with the nominee to determine the requisite support for the visit within departmental and PVPP budgetary constraints.  Successful nominees will receive a formal  invitation from the hosting unit (and/or the Provost’s Office as appropriate) that details the terms of the visit.

Unsuccessful nominees will be informed of the PVPP Committee decision promptly after the slate of visitors for that cycle is filled.  An unsuccessful nomination does not preclude re-submission during subsequent cycles.

Nomination Form