Department of Public Safety (DPS) Staff Directory


Office of the Chief of Police  
Mark J. Porter, Executive Director & Chief of Police
Kate Felder, Executive Assistant 863-3103
Patrol Division  
Paul Shanley, Deputy Chief of Police 863-1268
James Jackson, Lieutenant 863-1541
Robert Mackisey, Lieutenant
Kevin O'Connor, Lieutenant 863-3143
Richard Almeida, Service Officer/Fleet Coordinator  
Patricia Salvo, Communication Control Center Supervisor 863-2877
Jack Francisco, Communication Control Center, Lead Dispatcher 863-9285
Patrol Division/Shift Supervisor/Lost & Found 863-1663
David Allsworth, Administrative Sergeant
Kevin Andrews, Sergeant  
Steven Bremges, Sergeant
 John Heston, Sergeant
Brendan McGrath, Sergeant
Brian O'Hara, Sergeant
Kevin Pepere, Administrative Sergeant
Patrol Division/Special Operations and Investigations Bureau  
John Carvalho, Detective Lieutenant 863-5376
Mark Edmonds, Detective 863-3412
Jeanne Natale , Detective 863-5292
Armand Pereira, Detective 863-9956
John Remka, Detective 863-5291
Richard Brousseau, Detective
Patrol Division/ Professional Standards Bureau
Bruce Holt, Lieutenant  863-3313
Elayna Boucher, Sergeant  863-1150

Administrative Division
Suzanne Flynn, Associate Director 863-7139
Margaret Marisi, Assistant Manager 863-2790
Jillian Rourke, Administrative Coordinator 863-2027
Administrative Division/Community Relations & Outreach Bureau  
 Michelle Nuey, Manager & Advocate
Mark Perry, Crime Prevention Officer 863-1438
Thomas Shelton, Crime Prevention Officer 863-1379
Kelly Mitchell, Community Outreach Officer 863-9637
Ian Pearsall, Safewalk Program Coordinator 863-1079
Jordana Siegel, Social Media Coordinator
Administrative Division/Technology and Building Security Bureau  

Derek Asatrian, Manager of Systems and Technology
Stephen Wright, Card Access Coordinator 863-6385
Nick Frederique, Technical Services Assistant
Emergency Police, Fire, Medical Response ( 24-hour)
4111 (campus phone)
Non-Emergency DPS Response 863-3322