The Department of Public Safety operates 24-7.  Community members may walk into the front lobby of the Department of Public Safety anytime for assistance or to file a report.  We are located at 75 Charlesfield Street on the East Side of Providence. Business hours: 8:30am -5:00p.m.

Administrative offices: 401-863-3103

Non-emergency at Brown: 401-863-3322.

Emergency at Brown: please call 401-863-4111

All mail correspondence should be sent to:

Brown University, Department of Public Safety
Box 1842
Providence, RI  02912

Please view our Staff Directory for additional contact information.

Email us: [email protected]

Need a door unlocked? [email protected]

Need swipe card access? [email protected]

Need event security? [email protected] - Click here for everything you need to know.