Dear Brown Community Members,

We are deeply saddened by the death of a Brown University graduate student earlier today.  This is a difficult moment for our community, and we realize that many faculty, students, and staff have been affected in different ways by this tragic loss.  In these moments, it is important that we can turn toward each other for support and comfort.   

In this spirit, at 6:30 pm on 3/31/15 on the steps of the Robert Campus Center, we are holding a University Vigil that is open to all faculty, staff, and students who would like to attend. 

Following the University Vigil, there are a number of gatherings that will take place around the campus this evening:

 Graduate and medical students in all programs are invited to gather with the Chaplains, the deans of the Graduate School, and colleagues from the Counseling and Psychological Services team for support and conversation in Room 411 of J. Walter Wilson (Brown and Waterman Streets) at 7:30 pm. 

For undergraduate students, 3 residentially-based community meetings will be held simultaneously at 7:30 pm in Arnold Lounge (Keeney Quad), the Fireside Lounge (Morriss-Champlin), and the Graduate Center in Tower E, 1st floor.  These gatherings will include the residential peer leaders, community directors, representatives from Counseling and Psychological Services, and any and all students who would like to attend. 

For all studentspeer support is available at the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center (26 Benevolent Street) this afternoon until midnight tonight. 

For faculty and staff, confidential counseling and support services are available through the Faculty/Staff Assistance Plan.

In terms of on-going and crisis support, we want to remind you of some of the resources that are available.

  • Counseling and Psychological Services is available on-call and in the office for appointments or consultation at (401) 863-3476.  CAPS offers emergency support 24/7 if needed through (401) 863-3476 or by calling the Department of Public Safety at (401) 863-3322 and asking for CAPS on call.
  • The Chaplains Office is on the 4th floor of J. Walter Wilson and can be reached at (401) 863-2344.
  • The Office of Student Life has student support deans who are available for appointments or consultation at (401) 863-3800 and after hours through the administrator-on-call at (401) 863-3322.
  • The Deans of the College will be offering some extra open hours for undergraduate students on Wednesday on the second floor of University Hall.
  • The Samaritans of Rhode Island, a suicide prevention resource center, has a hotline at (401) 753-7936.
  • For students, faculty, and staff with questions or concerns regarding how to assist others in distress, on-line resources and information can be found here.    

Please take advantage of these opportunities to gather as a community, use the support services available to the Brown community, and be in touch with any of us with any questions, suggestions or concerns.


Margaret Klawunn, Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services
Russell Carey, Executive Vice President, Planning and Policy
Peter Weber, Dean of the Graduate School