This Community Notification is to provide you with an important crime awareness update regarding recent bicycle thefts on and within the immediate campus boundaries.

 Over the past weeks an increasing amount of bicycle thefts have been reported to the Department of Public Safety with (13) thirteen thefts in October and (7) seven thefts in September. With the exception of a chain, all other bicycles were secured with cable locks that were easily cut within minutes. One bicycle had been left unsecured at a bike rack and another left unsecured in a University building.

 Preventing the theft of your bicycle:

 DPS strongly recommends the use of a U-shaped bike lock as the primary means of securing your bike to a bike rack. When securing your bike, please make sure that the lock you are using is in fact secured before you leave.

 Secure your bike properly. Your bike should be secured by the frame and rear wheel to a bike rack or immobile object. If you have a quick-release front wheel, take it off, place it against the frame and secure it also with your lock. Alternatively, leave the front wheel on and secure it to your U-lock with an additional device.

Choose your location wisely. Whenever possible, lock your bike to a bike rack. If you must leave your bike where there is no bike rack, be sure that the object you are locking it to provides adequate security and it does not block any entrances, exits or stairways. Chain link or wooden fences are easily cut and wooden porch railings can be pulled off. Locked bikes can usually be lifted right over a parking meter. Check to see if your residence hall has a bike storage room. If it does, utilize the room if space is available.

Lastly, never leave your bike locked outside if you're going away, or won't be using it for a prolonged period. A bike that hasn't been moved for days is an obvious target.


Be prepared for the worst. Record the make, model and serial number of your bicycle and keep the information where you can easily access it. Also keep a photograph of the bicycle as well. Please register your bicycle with DPS. It is quick, easy and cost nothing. Follow the link to register your bicycle on line. A Certificate of Registration and numerical decal will be sent to you through campus mail.

 Help prevent campus bike thefts. Be observant around bike racks, even when your bike is not there. Watch out for someone who might be checking out bikes or looking for an easy target. Report suspicious persons to Public Safety at 401-863-3322.

 For additional information on how to properly secure your bicycle, please contact the DPS Crime Prevention Unit at 401-863-1438 or401-863-1379.