COMMUNITY NOTIFICATION – Thefts from Automobiles and Residences

Dear Members of the Brown Community:

This communication advisory is to provide you with an important crime awareness update regarding recent larcenies from motor vehicles and residences outside the immediate campus boundaries.

Over the past few weeks several theft reports have been reported to the Providence Police Department. The Providence Police Department has made our agency aware of this increase in theft reports.  In response to the recent rise of larcenies, the Brown University Department of Public Safety and the Providence Police Department have increased patrols in the area.  In addition, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) strongly encourages you to take the following precautions to maximize your personal safety, as well as to protect your personal belongings.

Preventing theft from your vehicle:

Hide your valuables: Items left inside the vehicle on the floor or seats makes your car a more interesting target for theft.

Place all backpacks and handbags in the trunk prior to leaving your vehicle.

Place all GPS or similar devices in glove box or trunk prior to leaving your vehicle.

Park in well-lit or heavily-trafficked areas.

Report any theft from the vehicle to the police immediately.

Preventing theft from your residence: 

Thefts from residences can occur at anytime of the day.

To any members of the Brown community living in and around the campus, be sure to secure all windows and doors prior to leaving your home.  Pay attention to main entry, common doors in residences with multiple units.  Network with other residents to plan to keep doors secured at all times.   Also, be aware of window mounted air conditioners, as thieves can use this as a point of entry, primarily in first floor areas.

Good lighting in and around the residence serves as a great deterrence. Exterior motion-censored lighting and lights on timers in the household serve as useful tools to maximize lighting for your residence.  

If you have any questions or concerns about home security, please contact the Brown University Department of Public Safety’s Crime Prevention Unit at 863-1438.  Follow us onTwitter and like us on Facebook to stay informed about campus safety.


Campus Emergency Police, Fire and Medical Response (401)863-4111

DPS Communications Center and Non-Emergency Response (401)863-3322

TDD Line  (401)863-1740

DPS Administrative Offices (401)863-3103

Off-campus emergency response 911

Should you have any questions or concerns you can contact the DPS Crime Prevention Unit at (401) 863-1438 or you can email