"We believe everyone has a role to play in crime prevention on campus." ~ Crime Prevention Officer, Mark Perry.

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Officers Perry and SheltonOfficers Perry and SheltonThe Crime Prevention Unit seeks to keep the community and DPS fully informed about crime awareness and prevention through many distinct activities:

-Crime Mapping.  The Crime Prevention Officer maintains a detailed crime map for the Department of Public Safety. All crime data is logged into a database with pertinent information. Recommendations are made when a pattern of crime is identified or when a number of incidents have occurred which create a pattern within a small amount of time. Crime Prevention also works in conjunction with the Office of Insurance and Risk to determine if an area is reasonably secure when items of high value, (computers, etc.), are purchased and/or placed in that area where security and protective devices are not needed.

-Community Notifications.  The Crime Prevention Unit seeks to keep the community fully informed about crime awareness and prevention through the distribution of monthly Safety Bulletins to students and staff, as well as periodic Community Notifications as warranted. 

-Residential Safety.  Outreaches are coordinated with Residential Peer Leaders and administrative staff for crime prevention discussions and property registration. Officers in the Crime Prevention Unit are available to conduct Operation Identification(ID) property registration drives across campus.  More about Operation ID.

-Building Security. The Crime Prevention Unit also conducts security surveys of University buildings, lighting, property and individual offices as well as serves as the liaison for the Digitize Alarm Monitoring System. The Brown Building Security Initiative.

-Crime Prevention Input.  The CPO works closely with  Facilities Management  project managers when new buildings are constructed or when present buildings are renovated to provide recommendations for lighting construction, area security and the placement of BLUE light emergency phones.

Crime Prevention Officer, Mark Perry

Crime Prevention Officer, Thomas Shelton