The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is partnering with the Staff Advisory Council (SAC) to offer a series of Personal Safety Sessions for staff on October 6, 2016!  So, consider taking your lunch break with us (yes you can bring your lunch) and learn how you can maximize your personal safety. 

Personal Safety for Women
12pm-1pm & 1pm-2pm
Facilitator: Michelle Nuey, DPS

In this session, practical aspects of personal safety and self-defense options will be explored with participants. Customize your approach to personal safety while learning about factors that contribute to making a decision to employ self-defense and the general principles of self-defense. 

Resisting Aggression Defense (RAD) for Men Information Session
12pm-1pm & 1pm-2pm

Campus Police Officer, Tony Bento, will be available to share information about the RAD for Men Program.  The program is designed to empower participants to make safer choices when confronted with aggressive behavior.   Participants are encouraged to attend to learn more about this dynamic program.

Sessions are gender-specific so please register for the session you most identify with.

Register today! (25 max per session)