The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is committed to providing quality services to the community in a professional and courteous manner. Day-to-day, our officers and staff members perform commendable acts of service. We encourage members of the community to submit and share information about positive experiences and interactions they have had with DPS personnel. You may do so by completing a Commendation Recommendation Form.

The officer or staff member and their supervisor will be notified of the compliment which will be noted in their personnel file.  The compliment will then be forwarded to the DPS Commendation Board for consideration.


If you have been stopped by a member of the Department of Public Safety and you are unsure of the reason why or if you have questions on the validity of the stop, we invite you to inquire about it. You may do so by submitting a Pedestrian or Motor Vehicle Stop Inquiry Form which will provide us with details of the stop and a way to contact you.


The Chief of Police/Executive Director of Public Safety reviews every complaint. It is the policy of the Department of Public Safety to accept and investigate all complaints regarding the conduct of department members or department services.

You can file a complaint online or by obtaining and submitting a complaint form at the Public Safety Headquarters front lobby at 75 Charlesfield Street.

Once a complaint is received, it is thoroughly investigated by a person designated by the Chief/Executive Director of Public Safety. The investigation will include a review of all applicable reports, policies and procedures, any related evidence, and interviews with all parties and witnesses.

Some inquiries and/or complaints may be misunderstandings of department policies or procedures and may be resolved after receiving an explanation of procedures. More complex investigations may take several weeks to complete. If the Chief/Executive Director determines that an officer violated department policies or procedures, appropriate corrective action will be taken. The Chief/Executive Director's review will also include exploring ways to improve departmental policies, procedures, and training.

Complaint Process Flow Chart

For more information, please contact the Professional Standards Bureau at 401-863-3313.