Rave Mobile Safety, contracted by the University, is offering a new and improved version of the Guardian application effective June 27, 2018.  The Brown Guardian Mobile Safety App is available to all University students, staff, and faculty for free.  All existing Rave Alert Users have access to Rave Guardian – all you need to do is provide either your phone number or brown email address to register.

The Department of Public Safety has recently configured new features. Note: Existing Guardian Mobile App users will need update their app and verify using the 2 step verification process.  Simply login into your Brown Guardian App to see new and existing features to include:

-         A new University Resource Call Directory

-         Instant location sharing and streaming option – even while in anonymous mode

-         An enhanced two-way text option allowing users to send anonymous tips to Public Safety

-         A content portal that may be populated with University Campus Safety Information

-         The Safety Timer and Guardian Network option has been temporarily disabled by Rave. We will notify users when this feature becomes available.

Signing up for Brown Guardian is easy and involves a quick 2-step process. You can download the Rave Guardian Mobile App from  Apple iTunes or Google Play. 

From your smartphone, your are now able to enjoy Guardian and its new features.  Learn how to install Brown's new Guardian app today!

Check out the New Apple Emergency SOS Feature!