Commencement season is upon us!  DPS would like  to encourage our graduates, families and guests to follow these practical safety tips while enjoying the celebration at Brown.

Never prop open doors & secure your residence.
Thefts are common during commencement season.  Most thefts can be prevented by simply keeping your on or off campus residence secured - at all times. 
First-level windows to off-campus residences should be secured, even during the day, when leaving.  On-campus residents should avoid propping doors.  Propping doors puts everyone at risk for theft.

Avoid the smash and grab.
Students, family members and guests are encouraged to keep valuables out of plain view when parking vehicles. Thefts from vehicles are common.  GPS systems, iPods, and other electronics left out in plain sight put you at greater risk for a larceny from your auto.  Store away any phone or GPS accessories as well. 

Do not leave valuables unattended anywhere.
Purses, cameras, and other valuables should not be left underneath chairs or tables at Campus Dance or during Commencement activities.  Leave items home or keep them with you.  Thefts do occur at these events!

Drink responsibly.
If you choose to drink, do so in moderation and if necessary, select a designated driver or walker.  Have a good meal before your celebration begins! Never, ever leave your drink unattended at Campus Dance or elsewhere. 

Report suspicious circumstances.
If you see something out of the ordinary or you see something that raises concern for your safety, or the safety of others, call the Department of Public Safety right away at (401)863-3322.  Don't know what to report?  Here is some helpful information.

Blue-Light Phones are useful!
The Brown campus has approximately 155 Emergency Blue-Light phones across campus.  The can be located along most University walkways and at the entrance of all residence halls. These phones can be used to report an emergency situation to the Brown Department of Public Safety by pressing the "red" emergency button.  These calls are treated like "911" calls and results in an officer being quickly dispatched to the phone location. 

Important numbers to remember and store in your phone:
Brown Police, Fire or Medical Emergency Response   (401)863-4111
Non-emergency, Routine DPS Response   (401)863-3322