The Department of Public Safety held a Swearing-in and Commendation Ceremony on Friday, May 11, 2018 in the Brown University Faculty Club.  DPS Honor Guard members opened the ceremony by posting the colors.  The event, officiated by Colonel Mark Porter and Deputy Chief Paul Shanley, welcomed several new officers into the ranks, acknowledged staff years of service, and distributed a variety of commendations for patrol and civilian personnel across the department. The event was attended by department staff, family and friends who were there to witness the pinning - a very special career milestone for several staff.

Rabbi Michelle Dardasti offered the Invocation and Father Albert Duggan offered the event Benediction to honor the event's tradition of blessing.

Russell Carey, Executive Vice President for Policy and Planning, performed the oath, adding several new officers to the ranks and promoting others into supervisory patrol positions.

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2018 Swearing-in and Commendation Ceremony Brochure

The following DPS personnel were pinned:

Lieutenant John Carvalho
Sergeant Ann Cunningham
Sergeant David DePina
Sergeant James Massey
Police Officer Donald DePina
Police Office Mark Edmonds, Jr.
Police Officer Wilkens Georges
Police Officer Samuel Luke
Police Officer Eric Rodrigues
Police Officer Pao Yang

Chief’s Award Recipients:
Sergeants Ann Cunningham and Brendan McGrath

Certificates of Merit:
Sgt. David DePina
Police Officer Robert Brothers
Police Officer Thomas Canning
Police Officer Antonio Bento
Police Officer John Carchia

The following personnel received Years of Service Awards:

35 Years of Service
Sgt. Kevin Andrews - 2017
Crime Prevention Officer Mark Perry - 2017

30 Years of Service
Margaret Marisi - 2017

25 Years of Service
Police Officer Louise McLaughlin - 2016

20 Years of Service
Communications Control Officer Sherri Marcantonio - 2017
Sgt. Kevin Pepere - 2016

15 Years of Service
Sgt. James Massey - 2017
Michelle Nuey - 2016
Detective John Remka - 2017
Patricia Salvo - 2016 

10 Years of Service
Patrol Officer Patricia Fortier- 2016
Public Safety Officer Richard Kelly - 2016
Patrol Officer Michael Greco - 2017
Public Safety Officer Justin Pace - 2017
Crime Prevention Officer Thomas Shelton - 2017
Deputy Chief Paul Shanley - 2017

5 Years of Service
Patrol Officer Antonio Bento - 2016
Patrol Officer Robert Brothers - 2016
Detective Richard Brousseau - 2016
Lt. John Carvalho - 2016
Police Officer Mark Edmonds, Jr. - 2017
Communications Control Officer Lauren Fusaro - 2017
Sgt. Brendan McGrath - 2017
Sft. Brian O’Hara - 2017
Joyce Saenz - 2017
Katie Stanley - 2017

Marksmanship Awards:
Police Officer Edward Myers 2016
Police Officer Kelly Mitchell 2017

Excellence in Attendance
Zero sick days used: 
Patrol Officer Louise McLaughlin - 2016, 2017
Detective John Remka - 2016, 2017

Less Than Three Sick Days used:
Patrol Officer Antonio Bento - 2016
Patrol Officer Edward Bogda - 2016
Patrol Officer Richard Brousseau - 2017
Patrol Officer Thomas Canning - 2017
Sgt. David DePina - 2017
Public Safety Officer Thomas Gleckman - 2017
Building Guard Kofua Kulah - 2016
Police Officer Edward Myers - 2016, 2017
Sgt. Brian O’Hara - 2016
Detective Armand Pereira - 2016, 2017
Police Officer Thomas Tougas - 2017

Certificates of Appreciation:
Joe DelGuidace - Providence Police Department
Mike Grimaldi - Providence Police Department