Operation Identification is a nationally recognized property identification program open to all members of the Brown University community. As a Crime Prevention Program, its goal is to deter the thefts and aid in the recovery of stolen property. This is accomplished by applying decals to mark valuable property and tracking important identifying information about such property. Marked items are difficult for a thief to resell, and these items can be traced to the rightful owner.

Register your laptop, cell phone or tablet with DPS!

Laptops, tablets, cell phones other items of value may be registered with DPS. A  numbered decal will be applied to each item for easy identification. To make an appointment to have your items registered, please contact our Crime Prevention Offices at 863-1438 or 863-1379 during normal business hours. You can also register your items online!

Register your bicycle online!

Registering your bicycle online is quick and easy with our Google form. Once the form is received by the Crime Prevention Unit they will:

  • Assign you a registration number and send you a decal and a certificate of registration
  • Once you receive the decal, it is to be placed on the upper support bar just below the gooseneck of the handlebars. 

Also, if your bicycle should need to be removed from a location, or if the lock needs to be cut off because you lost your key or forgot your lock combination, this facilitates that process.

Property Registration Drives on campus

This event series is advertised in our newsletter, on our Facebook page and via [email protected]