The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is taking a proactive role in promoting agency and officer integrity by assessing our police-citizen interactions, providing valuable officer in-service training programs and taking the steps to remain a transparent agency. 

This Proactive Integrity Initiative was launched in 2005.  We understand transparency builds trust.  Therefore, the Proactive Integrity Approach encompasses several specific areas of agency functionality:   

  1. Implementing strategies that promote fair and impartial policing
  2. Collecting and analyzing field and traffic stop data and subsequently    publishing complaint, traffic and field stop data online
  3. Promoting guidelines for making citizen comments, complaints and inquiries
  4. Offering a Community Survey soliciting feedback from the community
  5. Public Safety Oversight Committee

These functions enhance our mission to contribute towards the quality of University life by fostering an environment in which security is balanced with freedom of movement and individual rights are balanced with community needs.  Thus, we work diligently in our efforts to develop and maintain positive community relations and trust with the diverse community we serve at Brown.

2016 Citizens Complaint Report
2017 Citizens Complaint Report
2017 Stop Data Report
2018 First Quarter - Stop Data Report

Guide to Making Citizen Comments, Complaints & Inquiries - FAQs

Training & Continuing Education for Police and Public Safety Officers