In an effort to enhance community-officer relations on our campus, we offer a unique opportunity for representatives from student organizations to engage in dialogue with police, security, and communication officers. This is a great, proactive, community-building initiative that we hope students will take advantage of!

In preparation for dialogue, participating students and officers create the dialogue agenda and communication agreements through brief pre-meeting contacts with the program moderator. These small group discussions typically last two hours. To ensure comfortability for all participants, we make every effort to keep the ratio of officers to students even.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

Brainstorming how to develop and sustain positive officer-student relations on campus/Address concerns or inquiries

Understanding how DPS functions/Understanding campus safety issues/Q&A format

Global or local issues and events that may impact officer-student relations on campus or in local communities

What are the benefits of students engaging in this program?

-Supports active community building
-Enhances community partnership and communication between your student organization
-Free dinner provided courtesy of DPS!

Groups that have sent representatives to participate in this program include:

Samual Nabrit Black Graduate Student Association
Black Student Union
Harambee House/Organization of United African People
Undergraduate Council of Students (UCS)
LGBTQ Resource Center
Minority Peer Counselors
Greek Council
Residence Peer Leaders (RPLs) 

For more information or to schedule an Officer/Student Dialogue Program for your student organization, please email [email protected]