The Department of Public Safety, Crime Prevention Unit provides free Residential Security Vulnerability Assessments for Brown students that live off-campus.

This program proposes to:

- Reduce off-campus risks and hazards by providing students and home-owners with information and strategies that enhance personal safety and home security.  Recommendations are not full proof but will certainly maximize residential safety.

-Improve the quality of life for students and neighboring communities.

-Develop residential environments where crime cannot flourish.

A check-list to assist our Crime Prevention personnel has been developed with CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) principles in mind.  The Officer (s), accompanied by the resident/owner, will conduct a comprehensive tour and assessment of the residence and furnish a security recommendation report within 10-days of the assessment.

Residential Security Vulnerability Assessments can be requested by completing a Residential Vulnerability Assessment Questionnaire .

Upon receiving a written request by e-mail or letter and upon completion of Pre-Assessment Questionnaire, the Brown Crime Prevention Unit will schedule a vulnerability assessment with any Brown student or staff member living within the jurisdiction of Brown DPS:

HOPE STREET -Olney Street to Wickenden Street

WICKENDEN STREET-Hope Street to South Main Street

SOUTH MAIN STREET-Wickenden Street to Olney Street

OLNEY STREET-South Main Street to Hope Stree

For more information please contact Officer Kelly Mitchell at (401)863-9637 or Officer Mark Perry at (401)863-1438.