Everyone values a sense of safety while working.  The Department of Public Safety is committed to maintaining a workplace environment at Brown that is free of violence and intimidation. Working collaboratively with Human Resources and the Office of Environmental Health & Safety, DPS strives to assist the University in taking the steps to enhance its emergency preparedness and prevention efforts.  DPS firmly believes that success in achieving greater safety and security on campus is dependent upon the involvement and active participation of many individuals and departments. Below you will find information that is geared towards improving staff and faculty's knowledge of best practices and strategies to promote personal and physical safety on campus.

Human Resources Workplace Violence Policy
Turn your phone into a personal safety device with Brown Guardian!
Brown Building Security Initiative (BBSI)
Recognizing and Reporting Warning Signs
Reporting Suspicious Circumstances
"Know More!" Campus & Personal Safety Session with DPS
Women's and Men's Self-Defense Training Options
Victim Advocacy and Support



Brown Building Security Initiative (BBSI)

The Department of Public Safety is pleased to announce an exciting new campus security program, the Brown Building Security Initiative for staff and faculty. This program is being generated to promote voluntary efforts to enhance workplace security by developing and maintaining collaborative partnerships with various academic and non-academic department chairs. It is our hope that through these partnerships we can enhance our ability to assess the security of university buildings, and address possible factors that may compromise the safety of the Brown Community and our facilities.

The objectives we have identified for this new initiative include:

  • Promote the assessment of the security of academic departments and physical spaces.
  • Offer a mechanism to efficiently address issues that may potentially compromise the security of university facilities.
  • Develop and enhance partnerships within the community and further advance the department's community policing and crime prevention efforts into various academic and non-academic spaces across campus.
  • Streamline communications with staff and faculty about safety awareness and security issues.

As a proactive measure to assess the safety and security of our facilities at Brown, the DPS Building Security and Crime Prevention Units collaboratively conduct Building Security Assessments of academic and administrative spaces.

To request a building security assessment of your department, please call (401) 863-2542.

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Recognizing and Reporting the Warning Indicators of Hostile Intruder Situation

Incidents leading to a hostile intruder situation often are precipitated by a series of warning indicators.  Someone does not become hostile overnight. Agitated customers, students or staff can exhibit warning signs long before a crisis unfolds.  It is important to know what to look for, your reporting options, and the assistance that is available to someone in distress.  Alert the Human Resources and Department of Public Safety departments if you believe an indivdual exhibits potentially violent behavior. Indicators of potentially violent behavior may include one or more of the following warning signs:

  • Threatens harm or talks about killing other staff, faculty or students
  • Constantly starts or participates in fights
  • Loses temper and self-control easily
  • Swears or uses vulgar language most of the time
  • Possesses or draws artwork that depicts graphic images of death or violence
  • Assaults others constantly including immediate family members or pets
  • Possesses weapons (firearms or edged weapons) or has a preoccupation with them
  • Becomes frustrated easily and converts frustration into uncontrollable physical violence
  • Unexplained increase in absenteeism, and/or vague physical complaints
  • Depression/Withdrawal
  • Increased severe mood swings, and noticeably unstable or emotional responses

You can find additional guidance by viewing information found on the Helping Students in Distress website.

If you are concerned about the behavior of a staff member, you may contact your immediate supervisor and/or your Human Resources Generalist to report.  You may also contact the office of Employee Relations at 863-1787 for assistance in managing a variety of employee matters.

Contact the Department of Public Safety if any individual exhibits extreme or violent behavior in the workplace by calling 863-4111.  For non-emergency reporting of suspicious or concerning behaviors, you can call Public Safety at  863-3322.

Remember, the worse thing you can do, is to do nothing.  Tell someone.  There is help available for staff.

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Brown Building Security Initiative Information Sessions are offered periodically during the semester. Sessions may also be scheduled for administrative and academic departments. The contents of the BBSI Information Session include:

  • Understanding the process of building security assessments
  • Overview of security enhancements to include information about card access, alarms, and camera systems
  • Understanding your role in crime prevention (front desk safety, reporting of suspicious circumstances, etc.)
  • Hostile Intruder awareness information
  • Overview of related campus resources to include DPS victim advocacy and support services

Please call the Department of Public Safety at 863-2542  to schedule a BBSI Information Session for your department. Sessions are typically customized to meet the unique needs of the department and is one-hour in length.

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"Know More!" Campus & Personal Safety Session with DPS

Take charge of your personal safety! This inclusive workshop focuses on practical and applicable risk reduction strategies that can be employed by any member of the community both at Brown and beyond. Come into this session with some "what-if" scenarios for us to explore and we are confident that participants will leave this one-hour workshop with a better understanding of what role they play in crime prevention and how to effectively plan to maximize their personal safety.

To learn more about this program or to schedule a brown bag session for your staff, please call 863-2542.

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