Contract Review

Insurance & Purchasing Services now has a dedicated email address for contract review requests.  If you would like to request a contact review, please send a completed contract review request form and supporting documentation to [email protected] 

When the University accepts an obligation to another party, a written document records the terms of the agreement and can prevent misunderstandings. These written contracts clarify each party's obligations and need to include provisions that protect the University. The Contract Manager in Insurance & Purchasing Services can help navigate the University's contracting requirements and assist in negotiating specific contract terms. Insurance & Purchasing Services can also advise when a contract or certain provisions require further review or approval by other University departments, such as Export Control, Computing and Information Services or the Office of the General Counsel. 

Tips for contracting for goods and services:

  • Check the Preferred Supplier webpage - a University wide contract may already exist
  • Be familiar with the University's competitive bid process requirements
  • Support the University's initiatives such as utilizing local and diversity suppliers, and making selections that support sustainability
  • Be familiar with the University's signature authority policy
  • Plan for sufficient time for contract reviews to be conducted

For additional information and guidance on written contracts, please refer to the Office of the General Counsel