Estimated Date of Completion (EDOC)

One goal of the present enrollment regulations is to enable the University to manage enrollment in the College and the Graduate School more effectively. It is essential that this be done to the maximum extent possible. Accordingly, all currently enrolled students are assigned an expected date of completion (EDOC). This information is sent annually to all students with instructions to confirm the assignments or to work out any necessary adjustment with the registrar. Any extension of enrollment beyond the student's official EDOC will have to be applied for by December 1 for the spring semester and June 1, for the fall semester.

Students in The College with an EDOC of December or May will be included on a list of probable graduates for May of that given academic year. Students whose plans have changed (i.e., their EDOC is in the current academic year but they will not graduate or their EDOC is not in the current academic year but they plan to graduate this May) should notify Student Records Division in the Office of the Registrar, Room 318A, Page-Robinson Hall as soon as possible. It is essential that the registrar be kept informed of any changes affecting student's EDOC and/or clearance for the awarding of a degree, including degree candidacy and changes to declared concentration programs.

Graduate students who do not update their EDOC may be refused some University services, for example, library services. Updating the EDOC should prevent any confusion with a student's lender.