The University Bulletin of Brown University serves as the historical reference document for the general curriculum, academic requirements, and other pertinent information for a specific academic year for Brown University and is published as of a specific date and updated regularly throughout the academic year for course information.

The University Bulletin is no longer published in print format and is only consumable online. PDF versions for archived Bulletins are available online as well. For PDF versions on iPad please download as an iBook for optimal features.

For the current and archived versions of the University Bulletin please visit

Course Announcement Bulletin

The Course Announcement Bulletin, or CAB as it is often referred to, is specific to The College but contains information that is part of the larger University Bulletin. The CAB is accessible via the University site and similarly is not available in print format but as a PDF.   However, print copies can be ordered for a fee via Brown Graphic services by using the following form.  

The Course Announcement Bulletin pdf will be updated twice each year – at the time of publication in mid-March and just prior to the start of classes in late August.  If you plan to order a hard copy, you may want to wait until August 31 for the most current course information.

Course Announcement Bulletin hard copy order form

Note: Since both the University Bulletin and the CAB are static published documents some information, in particular courses, have been adjusted, cancelled, or new courses added. For the most up-to-date course information please visit the [email protected] application at In addition, undergraduate concentration requirements may have also been adjusted, please visit Focal Point on the A-Z index for a complete list of concentration information as well as up-to-date requirements.