Collaborations & Affiliations

The Sheridan Center regularly collaborates with academic departments and administrative units across campus to offer programs and services that meet the needs of the Brown teaching community. 

Regular partners include the Offices of the Dean of the College, Dean of the Faculty, Dean of the Graduate School and  Vice President for Research; and the CareerLAB, Science Center, Center for Language Studies and Swearer Center for Public Service and University Library, among others.

 The Sheridan Center has also collaborated with Dartmouth's Center for the Advancement of Learning  on a two-year grant from the Teagle Foundation  for faculty development initiatives in departments and academic programs.  Teagle made this award as part of their "Engaging Evidence"  initiative.   Learn more about the Sheridan Teagle grant.

The Sheridan Center is affiliated with the Ivy Plus Teaching and Learning Centers and the POD Network: Professional and Organizational  Development Network in Higher Education.