Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows Program

2011-12 & 2012-13 Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows2011-12 & 2012-13 Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows









Each spring junior faculty are invited to apply for the Sheridan Center’s Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows program for the following academic year.  Selected participants will engage in professional development activities designed to help them in their early careers.  Fellows will engage in a community of peer scholars supported by Sheridan Center senior staff and learn to teach more efficiently and effectively.

Both tenure-track assistant professors and lecturers are eligible to apply.  Up to four Fellows will be selected to participate each academic year.  Fellows will receive $1,500 (funds must be deposited into a departmental award account and can not be taken as salary).

A list of current and past Fellows can be found on the
Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows  page of the Center’s website.

Program Activities 

Fellows will engage in the following activities to help them make more effective and efficient use of their time designing and teaching courses, and reflecting upon and documenting their teaching effectiveness.  In addition to the activities described below, the Fellows will meet together at the Center twice a semester.  

  • Peer Observation 
    Each Fellow will visit the classrooms of the other Fellows to observe them teach, and meet afterwards as a group to discuss the process. These visits are not intended as critiques but as opportunities to reflect on teaching.
  • Documenting Teaching Effectiveness 
    The Sheridan Center will lead discussions on possible ways to document one’s teaching effectiveness for annual reviews and tenure and promotion.  These go beyond standard student evaluations and are useful formative processes that provide continued opportunities for feedback and improvement.

Why Participate?

The Junior Faculty Teaching Fellows program is designed to help you:

  • learn from the teaching experiences of colleagues at Brown.
  • develop skills that will enable you to analyze and improve your teaching over time.
  • enjoy the community of teachers at Brown.
  • learn to balance and integrate your teaching and research.
  • develop and improve materials for the tenure and promotion process. 

How to Apply

Applicants should submit a letter of application to The Sheridan Center Director (Sheridan_Center@brown.edu).

This letter should describe your motivations for participating in this program. The letter might describe your teaching experiences, your goals as a teacher, and identify areas for future growth.

The Sheridan Center promotes teaching as an ongoing and reflective process.  Applicants will be selected on the basis of how participation in this program will benefit their individual professional development trajectories. The current quality of applicants’ teaching skills is less important than their interest in developing those skills through this program.

Currently, we are not accepting applications.