Preparing for your First Year as a Faculty Member

PhDs - The Transition from Graduate Student to Assistant Professor, Career Center, UC-Berkeley

“Tomorrow's Academic Careers” – postings from the Tomorrow's Professor Listserv

“Early Career Geoscience Faculty: Teaching, Research, and Managing Your Career.” 
NB: Although this is from a professional development website designed specifically for Geoscience faculty, it contains a wealth of online resources relevant to all new faculty. Topics covered include (1) Making Choices: Finding Your Balance, (2) Efficient, Effective Teaching, (3) Developing a Thriving Research Program, and (4) Getting Tenure.

From The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Selected “Random Thoughts” columns by Professor Richard M. Felder of North Carolina State University

Quentin Vicens & Philip E. Bourne, “Ten Simple Rules To Combine Teaching and Research”, PLoS Computational Biology