General Resources for the Academic Job Market

The Chronicle of Higher Education, published weekly and available online, contains extensive job listings, and also has a wealth of articles pertaining to the academic job market and academic careers.

The website of Brown University’s CareerLAB has useful advice and resources to help prepare for the academic job market.

The Academic Job Search Survival Handbook: Especially for Graduate Students, produced by the Career Services Center at the University of California San Diego, provides an overview of the academic hiring process and tips for preparing materials.

The UC-Berkeley Career Center website has useful advice and resources.

In "Learning the Lingo" (from The Chronicle of Higher Education), Mary Morris Heiberger and Julie Miller Vick explain many of the terms commonly used in higher education in America. 

In "Getting Psyched Up for the Market" (from The Chronicle of Higher Education), Mary Morris Heiberger and Julie Miller Vick outline some basic things to consider as one prepares to to go on the academic market. 

In "Academic Job Searching for Dummies (or, 10 Easy Ways to Avoid Unemployment)" (from The Chronicle of Higher Education), Gabriella Montell suggests ten basic strategies for success on the academic job market.

David Perlmutter's Fall 2012 Chronicle of Higher Education articles "Your Official Job-Application Checklist"  and "Your Unofficial Job-Application Checklist"  are helpful overviews of how to prepare your materials for the academic job market. 

In "It Can be Done - Getting a Tenure-Track Job as an ABD in the Humanities" (excerpted from Job Search in Academe: Strategic Rhetorics for Faculty Job Candidates listed above), Sean Heuston offers some practical advise for humanities doctoral students on the academic job market. 

The Chronicle of Higher Education articles " How to Get a Teaching Job at a Liberal-Arts College"and "How to Land a Job at a Small College", Gary DeCoker and Nancy Hanway respectively give excellent tips for landing a job at a liberal arts college.

In The Chronicle of Higher Education article "Conducting the International Job Search", Katrina Gulliver outlines strategies for searching for a faculty position abroad.  

Zelda Rifkin's article "How We Did It" (from The Chronicle of Higher Education) is an excellent description of how one institution chose a finalist from a large pool of applicants for a tenure-track position.

In The Chronicle of Higher Education article "Good Teachers Wanted", Mary Morris Heiberger & Julia Miller Vick discuss ways of responding to job ads that request "evidence of teaching excellence".

Melanie Spring Mock's article "Jobs at Religious Colleges" (from The Chronicle of Higher Educationprovides helpful advice about applying for positions at church-affiliated institutions.  

In "Show Them You Really Want the Job" (from The Chronicle of Higher Education) , David Perlmutter outlines strategies for persuading search committees of your interest in a position.

You may find the following books, available in the Sheridan Center's Resource Library, useful:

  • Julia Miller Vick & Jennifer Furlong, The Academic Job Search Handbook, 4th edition (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008)
  • Karen Sowers-Hoag & Diane F. Harrison, Finding an Academic Job (Sage Publications, 1998)
  • Dawn M. Forno & Cheryl Reed, Job Search in Academe: Strategic Rhetorics for Faculty Job Candidates (Stylus, 1999)
  • Christina Boufis & Victoria C. Olsen, eds. On the Market: Surviving the Academic Job Search(Riverhead Books, 1997)
  • Kathryn Hume, Surviving Your Academic Job Hunt: Advice for Humanities PhDs (palgrave, 2005)
  • The MLA Guide to the Academic Job Search: A Handbook for Departments and for PhDs and PhD Candidates in English and Foreign Languages (MLA, 1996)