Non-Academic Career Resources

These resources can help you consider alternatives to traditional faculty careers, both inside the academy and beyond.  

General resources

  • The Versatile PhD
    This website, to which Brown University subscribes, is designed to help graduate students identify, prepare for and excel in possible non-academic careers.  Your Brown affiliation provides access to real-life examples of PhDs and ABDs who went into each of the careers portrayed: their stories, advice, inside information about their fields, and the actual resumes and cover letters they used to get their first post-academic jobs.
  • “The Ph.D.’s Guide to a Nonfaculty Job”
    This Chronicle of Higher Education article provides suggestions for how to begin searching for a nonfaculty job.
  • "How to Tell Your Adviser"
    This Chronicle of Higher Education article contains excellent advice about how - and if - you should talk to your adviser about your interest in alternatives to faculty positions 

Resources for humanists

  • #Alt-Academy
    The goal of this MediaCommons project is to foster community-building and networked scholarly communication among humanities scholars around the theme of unconventional or alternative academic careers for people with academic training.
  • Beyond Academe
    Created by historians to help others in their field think broadly about their career options but also of use to scholars from other fields, this site introduces career options outside of the academy.

Resources for scientists

  • Science Careers booklets
    Science Careers from the journal Science offers a number of free online booklets designed to help scientists consider and prepare for various career paths.  
  • Naturejobs
    Naturejobs from the journal Nature features job listings and articles about academic and non-academic jobs.
  • Nonacademic Careers
    This section of the website features resources on careers in science policy, science journalism, finance and investments, and management consulting, and on business school for scientists.  

Support at Brown

  • Academic Job Search Series
    A Collaboration between the CareerLAB and the Sheridan Center, this series occasionally features programming on topics such as "Careers in Higher Education: Alternatives to Faculty Positions.
  • Brown Executive Scholars Training Program (BEST)
    Sponsored by the Graduate School and the Office of Institutional Diversity, this program is designed to help prepare advanced master's students and doctoral candidates for careers in higher education administration.  Every fall, 8-10 graduate students are chosen to participate in this 12-week mentored, education and training program.