Presentation Consultations

Looking to improve on a lecture, conference talk or presentation before you deliver it publicly?  Then request a free and confidential Presentation Consultation. 

During a Presentation Consultation, the Sheridan Center’s trained Teaching Consultants observe your presentation then meet with you afterwards to discuss their feedback and observations, as well as your reflections on the effectiveness of your presentation.  You may request that your presentation be videorecorded, which gives you an opportunity to review and reflect further on your presentation. 

Faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students may request a Presentation Consultation for the following types of presentations:

  • conference talks and poster sessions
  • departmental colloquia presentations
  • dissertation defenses
  • presentations of research outside a classroom setting
  • job talks
  • class lectures

Undergraduates may request a Presentation Consultation to help them prepare for the following kinds of presentations:

  • presentations of individual or group class projects
  • research presentations

Presentation Consultation Guidelines

1. Request a Consultation

To arrange a Presentation Consultation, fill out an online request form at least two weeks prior to the date when you would like to be observed. 

Please note that you will need to make arrangements for a location in which to hold the session and for any AV equipment you might need.  If this is a problem, please let the Center know.

You may request to have one or two Teaching Consultants observe your presentation.  In either case, the consultant(s) will not be from your department.  If you request two consultants, one will be from the humanities and social sciences, and the other will be from the life and physical sciences.

2. The Presentation Consultation

After your presentation, the consultant(s) will remain to offer immediate feedback and suggestions.  If you wish, the consultant(s) can supply a written list of their suggestions, but you must be sure to request this before your presentation.

If you requested that your presentation be videorecorded, the consultant(s) After the observation, the consultants will send you an email with a Brown University Digital DropBox link to your MP4 file. 

 3. Follow-up Questionnaire 

The Center will send you a feedback form via e-mail to help us assess your experience and gauge our effectiveness.  Please return this form to the Center as soon as possible.