Sheridan Center Teaching Seminar Lectures

Each year the Center offers the Sheridan Teaching Seminar Lectures.  This five-part lecture series is designed to introduce the fundamental components of reflective teaching:  careful planning and continuous refinement of one’s teaching practice; establishing learning goals and gauging student learning; engaging learners and acknowledging one’s audience.  The series addresses the following topics:

  • “Reflections on Teaching and Learning”
  • “Developing Student Learning Goals: The Syllabus & Course Design”
  • “How Students Learn”
  • “Grading and Evaluation: Measuring Your Students' Learning”
  • “Rhetorical Practice: Teaching as Persuasive Communication” 

These lectures are part of the Center's Teaching Certificate I Program, but members of the Brown teaching community are welcome to attend any or all lectures. 

Teaching Consultant Invited Speaker Program

Each year, Teaching Consultants participating in the Center's Certificate IV Program invite an inspiring professor to Brown to give a lecture and share insights from his or her own pedagogical practice. Past speakers have included Daniel Barbezat (Professor of Economics at Amherst College & Executive Director of the Center for Contemplative Mind in the Society) and Steven Volk (Professor of History & Director of the Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence, Oberlin College, and 2011 US Professor of the Year).

More information about these lectures is available here.

Yearlong Theme Lectures

Each year, the Sheridan Center has a theme that informs our programming and creates links between our events and partners across campus.  More information about lectures related to this year's theme is available here.

Additional Lectures

The Center also occasionally offers lectures on other topics.  Recent lectures include:

  • "Beyond Listening to the Student Voice: The Undergraduate Researcher's Contribution to Teaching and Learning"
    Lee PartridgeSenior Lecturer, Higher Education Development, Centre for Centre for Education Futures, The University of Western Australia
  • Sheridan Center 25th Anniversary Keynote Address: “Circa 2012: Teaching in the Age of Learning” 
    Randy Bass (Brown Ph.D. ’91), Associate Provost, Professor of English & Executive Director of the Center for New Designs in Learning & Scholarship, Georgetown University
    This lecture prompted us to reimagine what it means to teach and create learning designs in an era where access to learning is fluid and the evidence about high impact learning has little to do with the classroom.

 To learn about upcoming lectures, see the Sheridan Center calendar.

 Randy Bass lecturing on "Circa 2012: Teaching in the Age of Learning"Randy Bass lecturing on "Circa 2012: Teaching in the Age of Learning"