Sheridan Center Staff


Mary Wright, Ph.D.
(401) 863-1141

Faculty and TA Development, Assessment

Jessica Metzler, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Humanities and Social Sciences

Stacey Lawrence, Ph.D.
Assistant Director for STEM Initiatives

Marc Lo, Ph.D.
Assistant Director for Assessment and Evaluation

Undergraduates as Teachers

Janet Peters
Assistant Director of Academic Tutoring
(401) 863-1404

Christina Smith, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Instructional Development

English Language Learning

Anne Kerkian
Assistant Director, English Language Learning
(401) 863-5672 

Sara Gramley
English Language Learning Specialist
(401) 863-7535 

Writing Center

Stacy Kastner

Associate Director, The Writing Center
(401) 863-6264

Administrative Support

Debra McEleney
Administrative Manager
(401) 863-7937

Vania Figueiredo
Administrative Assistant
(401) 863-7749