Projects & Initiatives

This page features current Sheridan Center projects and initiatives.  Learn about past projects and initiatives.

Grant Boosts Undergraduate STEM Teaching

The Sheridan Center is co-leading a new $1.5 million grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to implement innovative, evidence-based tranformations in introductory science classes to enhance stem education at Brown. 


The Association of American Universities has announced that Brown has been selected as one of eight universities to institutionalize evidence-based teaching in STEM fields.  The Sheridan Center will play a key role in this $500,000 project, which addresses mathematical competency among STEM concentrators to prepare students to succeed in interdisciplinary and research-based science courses.  The Center will support the implementation of effective teaching practices amongst several STEM departments across Brown and train graduate students.  Those departments include Chemistry, Physics, Applied Mathematics, Neuroscience and Engineering.