Past Projects & Initiatives

Sheridan Teagle Grant 

The Sheridan Center, in collaboration with Dartmouth's Center for the Advancement of Learning, was awarded a two-year grant from the Teagle Foundation for faculty development initiatives in departments and academic programs.  Teagle made this award as part of their "Engaging Evidence" initiative. 

The goals of the Sheridan-Teagle project were to:

  • provide support for faculty to develop courses that engage students in critical thinking and application, and design assessments that are aligned with: 1) course learning goals; and 2) learning outcomes for concentrations.
  • provide support for departments to review their curriculum in relation to departmental goals for student learning outcomes.
  • help faculty and departments create opportunities for deep learning and the development of disciplinary expertise in students as they progress through the concentration.
  • support faculty and departments in creating sustainable models for curriculum development.

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Principles & Practice in Reflective Mentorship

This program promoted professional training in mentorship practices to prepare graduate students to become effective future faculty mentors at colleges and universities around the world.  Graduate student mentors receive training in positive mentorship principles and practices.  Through monthly faculty-led discussions, graduate students will cultivate a broader understanding of the academy, contextualize the role of training, advising and mentorship within it, and explore how they can continue to develop their networks (both as a mentor and a mentee) throughout their careers.  Additionally, they gain practical experience as mentors in an academic setting.

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