Sheridan Center Workshop Guidelines

The Sheridan Center has developed these guidelines to assist workshop facilitators as they develop hands-on, interactive pedagogy workshops for the Center. 

1.  Learning Objectives

What do you want participants to learn (to do) from the session?  What are the takeaways? 

Please provide clearly articulated learning objectives for the session. 

These objectives help participants understand what they will gain from the session and they are also helpful when the Center solicit feedbacks on the session afterward (see #4 below). 

2. Opportunities for Active Learning

What activities will you incorporate into the session to give participants opportunities to try out or explore the topic?

These learning activities give participants opportunities to engage with the topic.   Read about active learning and explore strategies that promote active learning.  

  •  Will you need particular materials for these activities?
    Example include butcher/easel paper, Sharpies, sticky notes, etc. 
  • What kind of room set-up will support these activities?

The Sheridan Center's seminar room is set up in a workshop style format, with 6 chairs around each of 5 hexagonal tables.  It can also be configured as a large enclosed rectangle with chairs around the outside edges.  

 3. Workshop Plan

What will the rough outline be for the session (including approximate amount of time for each part of the session)?  What are your media needs? 

Facilitators are expected to meet with a Sheridan Center staff member at least a week before the session to review the workshop plan, and are also welcome to contact the Center well before that if they would like assistance developing the workshop. 

 4. Workshop Feedback

The Center solicits feedback on workshops to ensure that it is meeting the needs of the Brown learning community.  Please note that after each session, the Center sends participants an email asking them to provide anonymous feedback on the session by filling out a brief online survey that typically asks the following questions:

  • The goal of this session was to ____.  In your view, did the session accomplish this goal? 
  • What aspects of this session were useful to you?
  • How might you incorporate into your teaching something you’ve learned from this session?
  • Do you have any suggestions for improving this session? What additional information would you have wished to learn?
  • What additional kinds of programming would you like the Sheridan Center to offer? Please specify the topic(s) and intended audience.