Sheridan Certificate Programs

We offer five year-long certificate programs in which participants develop and reflect on their teaching and mentoring practice and prepare for professional careers.  These programs are open to Brown graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and staff.  Enrollment for all programs is limited, so register early if you wish to participate.  Completion of Certificate I is a prerequisite for the other certificate programs*, which can be completed in any sequence.

*Certificate I strongly encouraged but not a requirement for Certificate V. 

Core features of Sheridan certificate programs:

  • interact extensively with peers and colleagues across the disciplines
  • regularly give and receive peer feedback

Why Earn a Sheridan Certificate?  

Spending time developing and reflecting on your teaching practice makes you more confident and competent as a teacher and effectively prepares you for an academic career.

Development of positive mentoring and advising practices prepares you for future faculty and professional careers.

For graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, a Sheridan Certificate demonstrates a tangible commitment to teaching.  This can be of great benefit in today's increasingly competitive academic job market, where colleges and universities routinely ask applicants to provide evidence of teaching effectiveness.

For faculty, a Sheridan Certificate provides an opportunity for ongoing professional development which empowers instructors to better meet the needs of their learners.  

Questions about the Certificate Programs?

See the Teaching Certificate Program FAQs page.