Sheridan Teaching Certificate II

The Course Design Seminar - Principles + Practice

*Please note Sheridan programs on course design will be offered in the spring term. Please sign up for our monthly emails to get announcements on the schedule for these offerings.  

Program Description

In Certificate II, members of the Brown teaching community develop strategies and practices for course design, implementation, and assessment in alignment with learning goals and outcomes. Over the course of the seminar’s seven sessions, participants learn about and apply principles of integrated course design to two college-level courses they are likely to have the opportunity to teach, and develop draft syllabi for them. Throughout the seminar, participants give and receive peer feedback, and work with colleagues from a variety of disciplines.

The topics of seminar’s seven sessions include:

  • Signature Pedagogies & Interdisciplinary Communication
  • Articulating Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment
  • Student Engagement
  • Inclusive Pedagogy
  • Writing Pedagogy
  • Syllabus Design

Learning Objectives

In the Certificate II program, participants will:

  • Create inclusive syllabi that serve diverse student learners, demonstrate a knowledge of universal design principles, and explicitly communicate a personal, reflective teaching practice
  • Use integrated course design principles to craft measurable, student-focused course learning goals/outcomes, evaluate modes of assessing student learning, and select active learning techniques that achieve course learning goals/outcomes 
  • Design and integrate writing assignments into a course
  • Develop strategies for interdisciplinary teaching collaborations
  • Communicate teaching practices and course design choices to a multidisciplinary audience
  • Reflect upon personal teaching practices and philosophies


  • Attendance and participation in all of the seminar’s seven sessions  
  • Completion of all required assignments; specifically, submission of:
    • Pre- and post-session assignments
    • Final assignment
    • Written responses to peer assignments 

NB: All requirements must be completed within the course of a single academic year. 


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