The Sheridan Course Design Seminar (Certificate II)

The Sheridan Course Design Seminar - Principles + Practice

Program Description
In the Sheridan Course Design Seminar (Certificate II), members of the Brown teaching community explore integrated course design principles and develop syllabi, sample assignments, and sample lesson plans for two college-level courses they are likely to have the opportunity to teach. Throughout the seminar, participants give and receive peer feedback and collaborate with colleagues from a variety of disciplines.

As the seminar is small, workshop-based, interdisciplinary, and incorporates hands-on active learning principles, in-person attendance is required at all four sessions. We are unable to accommodate participation via Skype or other video or phone conferencing technology. If you are unable to commit to attending all four sessions, please see the Sheridan Center website for our flexible workshop options, or to request an individual teaching observation or course consultation.

Seminar topics include:

  • Backward Course Design
  • Articulating and Assessing Learning Outcomes
  • Engaged Student Learning
  • Inclusive Teaching
  • Writing Pedagogy
  • Signature Pedagogies and Interdisciplinary Communication

Learning Outcomes
In the Sheridan Course Design Seminar, participants will:

  • Create inclusive syllabi that serve diverse student learners, demonstrate a knowledge of universal design principles, and communicate a personal, reflective teaching practice.
  • Use integrated course design principles to craft measurable, student-focused course learning goals/outcomes, evaluate modes of assessing student learning, and select active learning techniques to achieve course learning goals/outcomes.
  • Design and integrate writing assignments into a course.
  • Communicate teaching practices and course design choices to a multidisciplinary audience.
  • Reflect upon personal teaching practices and philosophies.


  • In-person attendance and participation in all of the seminar's four sessions
  • Timely completion of all required assignments

Time Commitment
Participants can expect to spend an average of 2-3 hours a week on the seminar over the course of the semester, with workshop weeks taking a bit more time and non-workshop weeks taking a bit less. This includes attending in-person workshops (8 hours, total) and completing out of class readings and assignments.

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