Sheridan Teaching Certificate III

The Professional Development Seminar

*Please note that we will not be offering the Certificate III program during the 2016-17 academic year. Please contact with any questions.*

Program Description

In Certificate III, participants develop a teaching portfolio and prepare for the academic job market.  Over the course of the seminar’s seven sessions, participants work on key elements of their teaching portfolio (e.g. teaching philosophy statement, syllabus) and other critical aspects of their professional development (e.g. CV, cover letter, interview and presentation skills).  The seminar culminates in the creation of individual teaching portfolios and in formal presentations where participants communicate the essence of their research.  Throughout the seminar, participants give and receive peer feedback, and interact with colleagues from a variety of disciplines.  The seminar has separate sections for the humanities & social sciences and the life & physical sciences, and is designed specifically for doctoral students in their penultimate year and for postdocs.    

If you will begin applying for jobs this coming fall, you may wish to instead attend sessions of the Sheridan Center/CareerLAB Academic Job Search Series.                                                                                                                                

 The topics of seminar’s seven sessions include:

  • The Teaching Portfolio & Professional Development
  • Teaching Philosophy Statements
  • Sample Syllabi
  • Cover Letters & CVs (and Broader Impact Statements – Life & Physical Sciences only)
  • Interviews
  • The Significance of Your Research - Practice Presentations
  • The Significance of Your Research - Final Presentations

 Learning Objectives
Upon completing the Certificate III program, participants will be able to:

  • articulate their teaching philosophy and explain how it informs their teaching practice in relation to their students’ learning;
  • design a portfolio that demonstrates the application of their teaching philosophy, their effectiveness as an instructor, and their reflective teaching practice;
  • communicate their effectiveness as an instructor through formal presentations that are standard parts of the academic job search (e.g. cover letters, CVs, interviews).


  • Participation in all of the seminar’s seven sessions
  • Presentations at a practice session and a formal final session
  • Completion of all required assignments; specifically, submission of:
    • Teaching Philosophy Statement
    • Sample Syllabus
    • Cover Letter & CV
    • Broader Impact Statement (Sciences only)
    • Draft and Final Teaching Portfolios

NB: All requirements must be completed within the course of a single academic year. 


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