Sheridan Teaching Certificate IV

The Teaching Consultant Program

Program Description

In Certificate IV, members of the Brown teaching community develop and practice peer observation and feedback skills, and gain expertise in leadership and discussion facilitation.  Participants are trained as Teaching Consultants (TCs) and become part of a Teaching Consultant community. The Certificate IV Program centers on the principles for effective communication, the creation of an environment for inclusive learning, and the continued development of a reflective and reflexive teaching practice to promote improvement of teaching and collegial exchange about teaching and learning.  TCs are trained to apply these core principles to the Teaching Observation, the Presentation Consultation, the Microteaching Session, and to leading discussions for the Certificate I Program workshops.  Participants also develop an understanding of evidence-based teaching practices.  Skills developed in the Certificate IV Program are applicable toward effective communication and facilitation in academic careers as well as in other professions. 

Teaching Consultants who have completed Certificate IV may choose to continue serving as a TC and will be promoted to Senior Teaching Consultant.  In this capacity, they will have the opportunity to continue their professional development and further enhance their curriculum vitae.  Senior Teaching Consultants are expected to attend the first fall training workshop and the winter and spring professional development workshops, and to complete a minimum of 8 Teaching Observations for the academic year.

Teaching Consultants who attend the fall training workshop but are unable to complete all of the other requirements for Certificate IV may continue to serve as regular TCs.  In this capacity, they can conduct Teaching Observations, Presentation Consultations, and Micro-Teaching Sessions.  They may also serve in a Facilitator role for the Certificate I Program workshops.

Learning Objectives
Upon completing the Certificate IV program, participants will:

  • have developed an understanding of peer feedback and consultation as a formative and reflective process;
  • be cognizant of their consultation style, and the ways in which this can facilitate formative feedback and inform the ways in which they observe and interpret their own students in relation to their teaching goals;
  • develop a working understanding (through their TC experiences) of how scholarly teaching is an iterative, reflective practice that is also dependent upon engagement with a broader community of teachers and learners. 


  • Participation in all of the following:
    • 2 fall training workshops
    • 1 December professional development workshop
    • 1 spring professional development workshop
    • Completion of a minimum of 8 Teaching Observations

NB: All requirements must be completed within the course of a single academic year.  The Center is unable to offer alternate dates for any of the four training and professional development workshops. 

 The TC Invited Speaker Program

 Each year, the Teaching Consultants have an opportunity to invite an inspiring professor to Brown to give a lecture and share insights from his or her own pedagogical practice. This annual professional development event is coordinated by and for graduate students.  The Center’s Teaching Consultants also have the opportunity to participate in a master class with the invited guest, in which the professor shares his/her experiences on the challenges of and best practices for teaching, and the developmental trajectory of their pedagogical practice.  See a description of past speakers.


  • Certificate I

Registration for the 2016-17 Certificate IV Program is closed.