Teaching Certificate Programs FAQs

When should I take the certificate programs?    Certificate program participants at a workshopCertificate program participants at a workshop

  • We suggest that graduate students enroll in Certificate I in their second year.
  • You must complete Certificate I before enrolling in any other programs. 
  • You can take Certificates II, III & IV in any sequence. 
  • Certificates II and IV can be taken at any time after completing Certificate I.
  • Certificate III should be taken in the penultimate year of one’s doctoral program. 
    Postdocs may take Certificate III anytime after completing Certificate I. 

How many programs should I register for in a single year?

  • We suggest that you participate in no more than one or two programs in any given year.

May I complete a program over the course of more than one year?

  • No.  All programs are designed as year-long courses.

When do the programs meet?

  • See individual program pages for program dates.

How much of a time commitment do the programs require?

  • In addition to the individual sessions, the programs each have assignments and other requirements.  Please see the relevant web pages for each program.

Will a Sheridan certificate program substitute for departmental training?

  • No.  Sheridan programs are intended to complement departmental initiatives.

Is a Sheridan Teaching Certificate a formal certification in teaching?

  • A Sheridan Teaching Certificate does not represent any kind of certification; it is not a teaching license or credential for K-12 instruction from the State of Rhode Island.  Completion of a Sheridan Teaching Certificate documents professional development as college-level instructors and assists in preparing participants for academic careers. 

Will I get credit for completing a Sheridan certificate program on my university transcript? 

  • Certificate I, II, III & IV do appear on official transcripts.