Peer-Review Form for Student Writing

Prof. Tara Nummedal (History)

Your name: _________________________________Date: _________________

Author of Essay:_________________________________________________________

Topic of Essay: __________________________________________________________ 


DIRECTIONS: Please be specific in your comments. The more specific they are, the more helpful they will be to the author. Do not resort to generalizations: list evidence for your judgment (specific page, paragraph etc.). Use the back of the sheet for additional space. When you turn in your own revision next week, please include this form along with the 2 drafts that I and your partner have commented on. 

  1. Is the essay’s point clear? What is the point? What questions does it answer, or what position does it defend? Does the thesis need to be clarified or limited further? Does it oversimplify the issues?

  2. Does the essay address or deal with possible counter-arguments?

  3. Does each paragraph have one main idea? Are the points of each paragraph distinguished from one another, or do you feel like the author makes the same point in more than one paragraph?

  4. Does the essay cite adequate and convincing evidence to support its points?

  5. Are any of the essay’s points confusing, unclear or undefined? Identify them.

  6. Is the introduction effective? Is it too general, cliché or full of platitudes?

  7. Does the conclusion reflect development in the essay, or does it merely restate what the introduction said? Does is introduce totally new ideas, reply on clichés or is it too abrupt?