Self-Review Form for Student Writing

Prof. Tara Nummedal (History)

Your name: _________________________________Date: _________________

Topic of Essay: __________________________________________________________ 


DIRECTIONS: Answering these questions about your essay will help you begin to look critically at your own work. Attach this sheet to your essay and turn them in by _______, outside my office.

  1. Sum up the essay’s argument in 1 or 2 sentences. Is this argument clear? Interesting? Supportable?

  2. What are some of the plausible arguments against your point of view or interpretation expressed in the essay? Does the essay address or deal with these possible arguments?

  3. Does each paragraph have one main idea? Do all of the sentences in the paragraph relate to that idea? Are the transitions between sentences clear, or do they require the reader to make mental leaps or fill in unexpressed ideas?

  4. Does the essay cite adequate and convincing evidence to support its points?

  5. Are any of the essay’s points confusing, unclear or undefined? Identify them.