Workshop Archives

The Center offers hands-on, interactive pedagogy workshops on a variety of topics.  These workshops draw on research-based best practices from the literature on teaching and learning to help participants consider ways to apply those best practices in their teaching.  All workshops are designed to provide participants with practical strategies for their classrooms at Brown.   Some workshops are offered as themed series, while others are given as individual sessions. 

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Archives of Previous Workshop Series

Fundamentals: Teaching + Learning
This workshop series addresses practical strategies for new instructors.  Topics of individual workshops include “Teaching for the First Time,” "Syllabus Design," "Classroom Communication",  “Interactive Classrooms”, "Grading Strategies”,  "Designing Grading Rubrics", "Getting Timely Feedback on Your Teaching" and "Supporting Student Study Habits".

Teaching Foreign Languages
Co-sponsored by the Center for Language Studies, this workshop series is designed to bring graduate student instructors, teaching associates and faculty together to explore various aspects of foreign language pedagogy.  Topics vary from year to year.  Learn about topics of previous workshops and see materials from those sessions.

Teaching Literature
This workshop series is designed to bring literature instructors together to explore various aspects of teaching literature.   It is aimed primarily at graduate students, but postdoctoral fellows and faculty are welcome to attend.  Topics vary from year to year.  Learn about topics of previous workshops and see materials from those sessions.

Preparing for the Academic Job Market

In addition to the above pedagogy workshops, each year the Center offers a variety of programs designed to help doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows prepare for the academic job market.  The new Academic Career Roundtable Series provides an opportunity to hear guest faculty from various institutions share their experiences as a faculty member and their career paths that led to their academic positions.  The Center also collaborates with the CareerLAB to organize the Academic Job Search Series, which regularly features sessions on topics such as finding postdoc/faculty positions, cover letters and CVs, teaching philosophy statements, teaching portfolios, interviews, and negotiating a job offer.  

Suggestions for New Workshops

The Center welcomes suggestions for new workshops. The Center has developed suggested workshop guidelines to assist workshop facilitators as they develop pedagogy workshops for the center.